Description of Old City Park

Old City Park, formerly known as Dallas Heritage Village, is a living history museum located in the Cedars neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. Established in 1969, it spans 20 acres and showcases North Texas history from the mid-19th to early 20th centuries. Learn information about Dallas, TX.

Historical Significance

Old City Park features a collection of 38 historic buildings, including homes, a church, a school, and commercial structures, all relocated from various parts of North Texas. These buildings have been meticulously restored to reflect their original periods, providing an immersive historical experience. Discover facts about Overview of Dallas Zoo.

Exhibits and Attractions

The park’s exhibits include authentic period furnishings and artifacts, offering a glimpse into the daily lives of early Texans. Notable structures include the Millermore Mansion, a Greek Revival home from the 1850s, and the General Store, which illustrates commerce from the turn of the century.

Educational Programs

Old City Park offers educational programs for students and adults, including guided tours, workshops, and interactive activities. These programs are designed to enhance understanding of Texas history and heritage, making history accessible and engaging for all ages.

Visitor Information

Open to the public, Old City Park hosts numerous events throughout the year, such as Civil War reenactments, craft fairs, and seasonal celebrations. The park also features picnic areas and rental facilities for private events.


Old City Park is a vital cultural and educational resource in Dallas, preserving the history and heritage of North Texas. Its authentic buildings and educational programs provide a unique, hands-on historical experience for visitors of all ages.

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