Fiancé Visas

Fiancé visas or K-1 visas allow United States citizens to bring their foreign national fiancé to the U.S. in order to marry. There are three steps to this process: (1) The U.S. Citizen will file a visa petition for fiancé with USCIS. If the petition is approved, USCIS will send an online tracking notice with an estimate of how long it will take to process the petition. (2) USCIS then sends the approved petition to the National Visa Center who will create a case file and send the petition to the appropriate embassy or consulate so that the fiancé can be interviewed. (3) When the embassy or consulate receives the petition, the fiancé will receive forms and instructions as well as an in person interview schedule. It is in the discretion of the consular officer conducting the interview to decide whether the fiancé visa should be issued. The consular process can take several months, although processing times vary greatly. If approved, the fiancé will be issued a K-1 single entry visa that is valid for 6 months. Further, within 90 days of fiancé’s entry to the U.S. you must marry. After the marriage, you are eligible to file spouses’ permanent residence application with USCIS. Also note that USCIS will issue the Beneficiary a work authorization card, which will allow him or her to work in the U.S. within 3 months of filed application. As a final step in the permanent residency process, you may both be required to attend a personal interview at an USCIS office.  It is best to present evidence showing that you are married and living together. This evidence can include joint tax returns, joint bank accounts, a joint lease or mortgage, joint utility bills, joint insurance and photographs together.

Our Services

Law Office of Ify Ononogbu will explain the process, advise on eligibility requirements, prepare the forms and supporting documentation for your K-1 visa petition, file and monitor the case, and provide guidance throughout the entire process.  We will also prepare you for the interview.

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